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Fairview, TX
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Our Priorities, Our Mission

Worship God

Our primary mission is to worship the God who created everything. In joyful response to Him loving us when we didn’t deserve it, we offer him praise. We sing, pray, learn, give, break bread, and proclaim our beliefs together, in fellowship with millions of other Christians worldwide.

Reach People

God’s love and forgiveness are available to everyone who will receive them. So we take these saving gifts to the world around us–those near and those far away. We share the Gospel, the “good news,” of Jesus’ death and resurrection to a world in desperate need of the Savior, just as others did for us.

Make Disciples

Accepting the truth of the Good News is only the beginning. We must become students, or “disciples” of Jesus. We learn his story and his teachings in the pages of the Bible, and we learn to live as he taught us by intentional study and practice, with the help of our community.

Build Community

God designed us to interact with each other for support, encouragement, learning and growing. We understand that the best way to experience the joys and face the challenges of our Christian lives is by walking with others on the same road.  We’re committed to each other, as fellow disciples.

Fairview is Our Home

We’re grateful to the people of Christ United Methodist Church who are sharing their facilities with us for worship. We will hold our Sunday services here while we get to know our new town and join in the life of the Fairview community.

You’re invited to our Easter Sunday worship service at 10:15 AM in our temporary worship space in the front building at Christ United Methodist Church – 885 S. State Highway 5 in Fairview.

In the meantime, we will continue to develop our own property down the street at 531 South State Highway 5 in Fairview, which will be our permanent home. We envision this permanent space to be a place for the community to play, garden, eat, serve, relax and worship God.

Services at 5 PM, except the first Sunday of the month, at 10:15 AM

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Upcoming Events

27 Mar
Easter Sunday Morning Service
10:15 am
10 Feb
Ash Wednesday, February 10
07:00 pm
24 Dec
Christmas Eve Service
10:30 pm


God bless Faith Church for their faithful hearts and desire to see God glorified! March on Saints!!

S. Aker,

Love you guys. We are so thankful for the work you are doing for the Kingdom.

B. Hunter,

Love these folks! Thanks to our friends for introducing us! You AND they are the bomb!!

Ben H.,

This has been home for over 15 years! Love this congregation!

J. Nowell,

This is a wonderful family church that changed my life. I always feel at home here. So many great friends.

R. Morris,